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Top 5 ways to improve the usability of forms on your website.

The most important aspect of a website's forms are how user friendly, easy to use or “Usable” the forms are. This is often referred to as usability and governs how well a user interacts with your forms. It’s always been a goal at Novatex to achieve the most user friendly forms for our client's websites. For that reason I present to you the 5 most useful ways to improve a website forms usability.

3 Tips To Get Your Website Responsive

The internet has been around for 45 years and the world wide web has been for 25 years. During this time, we have seen an evolution in how we access information using it. From dial-up internet modems to high speed optical fiber connections and from desktop computers using CRT monitors to HD TV Screens and mobile phone, we have to adapt to the changes in technology. This is where responsiveness comes in.