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Introducing the Novatex CORE

The CORE represents the most effective and complete web solutions platform to grow your business online.

What makes the CORE different?

Unlike other individual services that you might use to host, design, secure, market, and grow your site, the CORE offers a single comprehensive platform.

Why is the CORE More Effective?

The CORE generates more growth because all its components are designed to work together, leading to greater returns. Instead of going to company "a" for hosting, and company "b" for marketing, the Core provides a better solution as a complete product designed to drive growth from the ground up.

The CORE has 5 major components that all work together to help businesses of all sizes get what they want out of the web:


Tools to help your business grow.

With Novatex's CORE, you get more than just an effective marketing service. Your website is immediately transformed into a fine-tuned marketing machine. Whether your goal is leads, sales or exposure, CORE can be custom-tailored to any situation.

  • Experienced Search Engine Marketing Pros
  • Marketing programs that scale with your business growth
  • Hyper-focused targeting attracts the customers you want
  • Track site visitors and their behavior on your site
  • Reporting that provides a clear picture of your marketing performance
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Beautiful and Effective

Designing your website isn't all about finding the right colors and font choices. We carefully analyze your project goals and usability needs, and then tailor a solution just for you. A great website engages users and encourages them to take the actions you want- be it sign up for a service, make a purchase, or get in contact with you.

  • Goal Oriented Design
  • Engage your visitors and keep them on your site longer
  • Mobile friendly designs so your visitors have great experience on any device
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Cutting edge web technology.

Novatex Solutions provides custom programming solutions that range from programming a simple website form to developing complex and custom solutions to fit our clients business model. Novatex has a proven track record of over 10 years and has developed dozens of enterprise systems and automation processes.

  • High performance
  • Stability
  • Enterprise class environments
  • Integration with reporting, client sales and support systems
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Lightning fast and scalable.

Novatex has partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide the infrastructure for all our hosted websites. This allows us to bring cutting-edge technology to all our projects at very competitive prices. Some of the features that we can offer include:

  • Auto Scaling Websites
  • Global content delivery network
  • Multi-region redundancy for improved up-time
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Alerting
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Tools to protect your business online.

Whether handling new sales leads or storing business-critical trade secrets, Novatex makes your data security a top priority.

  • Secure infrastructure
  • Impeccable track record
  • Optional fully sandboxed environment for extra protection
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See what our clients are saying:

Testimonial from Sam Brasse

I've been working with Jeff and the Novatex team since 2007 and they have exceeded all my expectations time after time. They have given me great attention and have always been available when I needed them. I highly recommend working with Jeff and his team. They are good people who do great work and you won't be disappointed.

- Sam Brasse | New York, NY
Testimonial from Dr. Liu

With the help of Novatex Solutions, my business has increased tremendously. Their expertise in lead acquisition, CRM automation, and growth oriented web design has made all the difference.

- Dr. Liu | West Orange, NJ
Testimonial from Chris M.

I want to thank Novatex Solutions for their impeccable service and outstanding product. I was extremely impressed with the website you created for my firm.

- Chris M. | Houston, TX

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