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What Makes An Effective Website?

The difference between a website that was made five years ago and a website made today is astronomical. A new or updated website with visually pleasing images and calls to action that drive the customer to want to stick around are paramount. When a potential client lands on any page on your website it should be attractive and modern with great color combinations and flow and most importantly focused on achieving the main goal of the page. Sometimes the goal can be to build trust, other times it could be to have them contact you, but one thing is for certain, every page needs to serve a distinct purpose.

Is my website designed effectively?

The best way to gauge the effectiveness of your website's design is to have it evaluated by people experienced in developing sites that have proven effective. You need someone who understands your website's potential, and what areas of its design are likely to impede performance. Only an experienced designer can know what to look for regarding areas like:

  • Logo & branding appeal
  • Typography & font
  • Effective website layout
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Callouts & offers
  • And much more..

Once you understand the features of your site that may be optimized, you can determine if they represent a large enough performance impact to warrant a change or redesign.

How can I get an effective design for my site?

The best designs come from experienced web designers who work with you to develop your site's design to accomplish your goals while using best practices and techniques. Unlike free website builders or templates, a good web designer can make a site that you will be proud to show off while ensuring that your site:

  • Effectively features your products or services
  • Works across all screens & devices
  • Designed to work with marketing campaigns
  • Employs Speed Optimization Techniques
  • Includes SEO Best Practices
  • And much more..

For a quick overview on how our designers can ensure you get the most effective design for your new site, send us your details. We'll schedule the best time for you to discuss your new site.

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