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    Jeffrey Mason

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    Ideas are one thing but execution is everything. You can have the best idea but without a solid plan and execution strategy the idea is wasted. Plan for slow moderate growth and make certain everything you do is measurable.

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    Jennifer Mason

    Content Director
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    Website owners should ask: Is my website visually pleasing? Is the content interesting? Is it easy to navigate? Does the site make you want to explore further? Does it encourage you to revisit? If not, some re-tweaking may be in order.

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    Casey Flynn

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    Being a problem solver in the Information Technology industry is an incredibly challenging and unpredictable job that keeps me coming back to my desk every morning.

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    Craig Menning

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    Arthur C. Clarke once said, "The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible." Let's go venturing.

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    Michael Beaudry

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    Visually appealing aesthetics and easily accessible information are hallmarks of a great user experience. From designing logos, to branding identities, to websites, it is my job to make the web beautifully functional.

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